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The Great Chicago Fiery Foods Show 2015


Press Release:
Save the Date for The Great Chicago Fiery Foods Show
It’s time for the Windy City to bring the heat!
Niles, IL, August 18, 2014: Breaking news! Today, it’s been announced that Jeremy Walsh, founder of Bigfat’s Hot Sauce after months of research, consulting with other fiery food companies, will be hosting the first ever Great Chicago Fiery Foods Show on August 8 & 9, 2015 at the Stephen M. Bailey Auditorium located in Chicago’s popular West Loop. This show will feature some of the best spicy food vendors from across the country as well as great local companies and products. Save the date, and stay tuned for more details!



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Spice It Up St. Louis 2014


White Castle Honors St. Louis Military and Veterans with White Castle’s Veterans Appreciation Day in O’Fallon, Missouri on 8/23/14 (#WhiteCastleHonors, #SpiceItUpStLouis)

White Castle invites its St. Louis Military and Veterans to join us for a free meal, and a unique opportunity to Spice Up their lunch. Special guest, Scott Roberts of, will be present with a handpicked selection of distinctive sauces.



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–Southeast’s Largest Sanctioned BBQ Competition Is About to Heat Up—

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (August 13, 2014) – PuckerButt Pepper Company Founder and Guinness World Record Holder for World’s Hottest Pepper, Smokin’ Ed Currie will heat up the annual Q-City Charlotte BBQ Championship this October with the addition of Smokin’ Ed’s PuckerButt Pepper Pavilion. In this newly-created section of the 12-year-old BBQ festival (formerly Blues, Brews & BBQ), Pepperheads from around the country will descend upon Charlotte, N.C. Friday and Saturday, October 17 and 18, to sell their hot sauce and pepper products.



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NYC Hot Sauce Expo – Presents The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame

Steve Seabury owner of High River Sauces and the organizer of the NYC Hot Sauce Expo will present to the world the official Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Foundation. The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame will induct 5 people in its inaugural year and each of the following years they will induct 3 all of which have been very instrumental in the fiery foods industry. Each year the NYC Hot Sauce Expo will present and host the induction ceremony to enshrine the legends of the industry to this greatest of honors.

The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony will be held on Saturday April 25th on the main stage after the Screaming Mi Mi Awards show. Inductees will receive a distinctive red jacket, an achievement trophy and will be featured on exhibit at the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Library each year at NYC Hot Sauce Expo.

This year the 3rd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo will take place on April 25th and April 26th, 2015.

The first group on the inaugural ballot are some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry:



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REVIEWS: Red Snapper – Wildwood Arbol

red snapper
Hey ILoveItSpicy, here is the third review for Red Snapper Sauce Co. Hope everyone enjoys it.



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2014 Houston Hot Sauce Festival: Vendors’ List & More

New Festival T-Shirt Design

Event Details:

Admission: $10, children under 12 free
Times: Sat. 11 – 6, Sun Noon – 5
Stafford Centre
10505 Cash Rd.
Stafford, TX
Contact: Carol Borge
Phone: 281-558-3518
Parking: Free
NO Pets or Coolers

The Houston Hot Sauce Festival Exhibitor List… 90 Vendors from all over the country.



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REVIEWS: Red Snapper – Savoureaux

red snapper
This is 2 of 3 reviews for Red Snapper Savoureaux. One of our Reviewers had issues at work and was unable to do the review. If he is able to get everything resolved we will post his separately. Until then here is the review.



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2014 Weekend of Fire

Weekend of Fire

Once again, the Weekend of Fire promises to be filled with wild and fiery fun that only Jungle Jim’s could ignite! Join other chiliheads, hot food makers, and fiery food lovers for the festivities on October 4th and 5th at the Oscar Event Center in Fairfield.

For this weekend only, you can sample and purchase foods from all over the country at our Fiery Food Show! Hot and fiery or mild and meek; you choose your favorites and can buy enough to last. Over 50 vendors and more than 300 samples will be waiting to set your mouth on fire. But there’s more than just hot sauces. BBQ sauces, salsas, rubs, mustards, and all sorts of spicy foods are just a small sampling of the tasty treats available.

Gather your courage and join the other brave competitors in the Arena of Fire. Hot and spicy contests will push the competitors to their limits and winners will take home prizes worthy of their contest. The intimidating Feast of Fire is the ultimate test of spicy endurance. Brave souls will be seated for a “four course meal” of increasingly volatile and formidable dishes.

Your whole family will enjoy browsing the booths and checking out the other entertainment. Stilt walkers and balloon twisters are sure to engage even the youngest of chiliheads. Love the thrill of competition but don’t have the stomach to compete? Stop by and cheer on the competitors in the Arena of Fire as they consume some of the hottest items from the show. Be sure to grab a ballot and place your votes for awards such as: Best Hot Sauce, Best Salsa, Best Booth and more.

The sauces aren’t the only wild things in this show – wait until you see the people, costumes and booths! The hot sauce community is outrageous, bodacious and contagious. Weekend of Fire is one wild weekend with hot food and cool entertainment!



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Hypnosis and Hot Sauce

candle flame

Back in 2010, I got Scott Roberts from to volunteer for a little hypnosis experiment I wanted to try. There is something called HypnoBirthing which basically is hypnotherapy to remove the pain and fear associated with child birth. So a woman can have a pain-free baby delivery. I figured since I had learned a little about hypnotizing others over the years, maybe I could use this pain-free hypnosis for things that are too spicy. Imagine the ability to eliminate pain at will? Well I had to know if it would work. I was very confident it would, but I wanted to document it, but needed a guinea pig for my experiment. In stepped Scott to allow me to play with his brain, so to speak. Hypnosis works best with people that are very intelligent and willing, and I knew Scott would be the perfect subject. We were both coming to the Fiery Food & BBQ Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and there would not better opportunity than there to do this experiment.

The 2 videos we showcased our test with 3 super hot extract products from 3 different companies. The first company is the German Police with their Painmaker which ranges around the 800,000 scoville mark. You will see that test in the 1st video which begins with my hypnosis induction I did with Scott. In the 2nd video, Scott took on Defcon Sauces‘ Zero which is between 1-2 million Scoville, and then finally CaJohn’s Flavor & Fire’s Black Mamba which uses 1-4 million extract to create a better average.



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Fiber Joe Reviews Jack in the Box Hella-peno Munchie Meal

jack in the box
Hey ILoveItSpicy, Jack gave me another opportunity to try one of his new menu items. This time it was the Hella-peno Munchie Meal. Damn was it good. Check out the review to see.



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2014 Best Salsa in the World Contest

Since it was a huge hit the last 2 years at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival, (over 70 jars of salsas submitted last year), we are doing this contest once again. This time we are joined by Ken Alexander from who has graciously agreed to take my place at the event since I can not be there. Since he did a bang-up job at the Louisiana Hot Sauce Expo, I know he will carry that professional approach to this contest as well. Thanks Ken! That is not all folks, James Beck from iBurn has agreed to add to the prize for the winners. All 3 first place winning salsas in their respective categories will be bought to sell at their brick and mortar and online stores. That is a huge bonus beyond just the trophies we provide. James will also be a judge, so if he tastes something he loves, he just might be looking to add those salsas as well. So you people who can’t make the festival, can still be able to experience a little of the best salsas in the land through iBurn! Thanks so much James for being a valuable partner with us this year.

The most important factor in this salsa contest is to raise money for the Snowdrop Foundation which helps with Children’s Cancer research and support.



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2014 World Hot Sauce Awards Winners

World Globe

Straight from the Louisiana Hot Sauce Expo comes the 1st annual World Hot Sauce Awards with one of the coolest trophies ever created for this industry. Check her out..

World Hot Sauce Award

Pretty isn’t she? A big thank you goes out to Dana Romero for allowing me to post these results as soon as the awards dinner was over. Another huge thank you goes out to our own Ken Alexander of for formatting the results for us. Kudos to you both. I want to also congratulate all the winners and thank all the entries for supporting these great awards. It is very hard to not only put on a 1st year event, but also bring in a whole new award to the community. Dana has worked hard on this event, and we here at ILIS hope it is a very successful show for the ages. Much success to all the vendors and sponsors who are putting in their trust in Dana. Now let us get to the winners…



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Louisiana Hot Sauce Expo: Vendor & Sponsor List


Vendors – State:

Hot Sauce Vendors:

Primos Peppers – Louisiana
Humboldt Hot Sauce – California
Cin Chili – Texas
Southern Art – Louisiana
PuckerButt Pepper Company – South Carolina
Valtoro Hot Sauce – Texas
Crazy Good Sauce – Mississippi
Woopy’s Hot Sauce – Quebec, Canada
Red’s Texas – Texas
CaJohn Fiery Food – Ohio
Dog Gone Sauce – Florida
Bourbon Street Bad Hot Sauce – Texas
Russell’s Cajun Sauces- Louisiana
NW Elixirs – Oregon
Frog Bone Sauces – Louisiana
Jungle Heat Hot Sauces of Canada and Costa Rica. – Quebec, Canada
Volcanic Peppers – Nebraska
HellFire Hot Sauce – Illinois
Feisty Parrot – Florida
High Octane Sauce Company – Texas
D. A. T. Sauce – Louisiana
Bravado Spice – Texas
Jac’s Tailgating – Louisiana
Brother-In-Law Sauces – Louisiana
Mr. Saucy – New York
Gator Hammock – Louisiana
Sadie B. Foods – Texas
Dat Cajun Boy’s – Louisiana
Voodoo Chile Sauces – Virginia

Bloody Mary Vendors:



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11th Annual Pork & Brew

11th Annual Pork & Brew
Hey ILoveItSpicy check out what is going on this weekend in Rio Rancho, NM. It’s the 11th Annual Pork & Brew. I went there yesterday and did some sampling of smoked meat, and a couple of interviews. Check it out



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REVIEWS: Tropical Breeze – Mango Habanero

tropical breeze mango habanero
Are you on a low sodium diet or just striving to eat healthier by eliminating as much salt from your diet as possible?

Use Salt Free Tropical Breeze Seasonings to add delicious flavor to your food without adding unwanted salt or potassium. And contrary to what you might believe, properly prepared low sodium meals do not have to be tasteless and bland. In fact, you’ll discover that a good low sodium diet is not only healthier for your heart but can also be some of the best food you’ve ever tasted. We are also Vegan-Friendly



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